This exhibition is a showcase of medical device design projects by our senior students in 30.123 Healthcare Product Design, an advanced elective course.

Over the course of a term, students have teamed up with practicing clinicians and professionals from various MedTech and healthcare institutions across Singapore to deliver innovative product design solutions to current unmet clinical needs. They have gone through an extensive biodesign innovation process to identify and validate unmet clinical needs, develop solution strategies and design concepts, and develop working prototypes of those design solutions.

Join us (virtually) to witness their design ideas and discover the design process that ultimately resulted in the realization of these innovative product design solutions.

AGENDA of e-IHD2020 [ 22 APR 2020 ] – Singapore Standard Time [SST]

1.00 – 1.10 PM : Welcome by Prof. Karupppasamy Subburaj (via ZOOM)

1.10 – 4.50 PM : Interaction with Project Teams in their respective e-Meeting Room (via ZOOM)

4.50 – 5.00 PM : Thank you and End of the Exhibition (via ZOOM)

Course Faculty: Prof. SUBBURAJ Karupppasamy

01 – Surgical Site Infection Monitoring

02 – Exercise Device for Treating Planar Fascitis

03 – Ergonomic IV Pole for Early Mobilization

A noninvasive and portable device to detect surgical site infections early, accurately, and responsively at homecare and clinical settings How might we design a device that reduces the number of patients’ inaccurate execution of effective plantar fascia stretching techniques from 90% to 40% with a shorter waiting time for treatment A better way for physiotherapists and nurses to transfer patient support systems to a portable system so as to maximise the amount of therapy the patient receives in a session.
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